Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fry Eggs

Lots people say to fry the eggs was very easy, thought it need some skills like how much oil to be put on the wok or pan and when do you need to turn it to another side during the frying.

I am a slow learner; finally I found that the best way to pick the broken egg shells dropped in the eggs is use the bigger piece egg shell to pick it up, that was very easy! Not using chopstick, not using tea spoon! Heehee!

Finally I succeed fry it in ONE piece without broken! Hia hia hia!

You very scared to eat eggs? Don worry, taste my fry eggs, sure you will eat a lots eggs!


footiam said...

The eggs will taste just as nice even if they are not in one piece.

kenwooi said...

i love eggs! =)

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