Saturday, October 11, 2008

Event at Ritz Carlton Hotel

Did an event at Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore, met Belle Kuan in the event. Thought I almost 3 years did not meet her if I am not wrong, though she looks good and doing well. Thought once in a while, one of my best best blog reader - Mr Reggie also passing her some caricature jobs on and off, she looks living in a happy life!
Belle was asking me to update her both websites which I designed for her in about 5 years time ago, unfortunately I no longer keep her files due to my Pc had been totally crushed and al the data had gone; moreover I no longer doing web design.

She owed me many beers! Because although my blog had been highly recommend by Mr Reggie, Belle have not come to support me yet! Heehee!

Master Chuan had keep his web designed files which designed by me, and had been updated by himself in a much better version, but Belle never keep it at all, haahaa!

Rainbow Calligrapher was there!
Wire crafts artist.Ritz Carlton’s Decoration was very nice!I like this design!
All these were taken but this guy! No need to use my Nikon D90 lah!

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