Thursday, October 2, 2008

Marker Drawing to Prepare for the Planning New Shop at Far East Plaza

I learnt marker drawing before, but selfdom do any drawing in marker after that, but with the highly recommended by my friend and his wife from Malaysia who in advertising firm for many year in Singapore, moreover need to in-charge their shop, and seems no choice have to pick up this skill again.Recently I doing another of my hobby again, this is cooking! I enjoy cooking a lot, but if I in-charge this shop, no time to cook liao :(

I had told my friend; please don’t take the shop that next to the toilet! So many customers had mention ‘toilet’ related w the shop, personally feel so bad, that’s why.

Hmm. if the shop next to the sex toy shop, thought they will mention my shop as “the one next to that sex toy shop that one lor!” Haahaa!Must ask my friend get the shop that can see lot beautiful girls la! Haahaa!

Want some?Cautions: This fried eggs was only use 4 eggs, not the whole rack of eggs! Haahaa!

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