Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rainbow Calligraphy

While people asking me to recommend Chinese Rainbow Calligrapher, I always recommend Yips Rainbow Calligraphy which are Dorby Yip and Angela. (see : only me will recommend their Rainbow Calligraphy service for event’s fringe art and related activities, there are many quality event companies and clients was asking for them.The reason was because of Dorby Yip and his wide Angela produced high quality Rainbow Calligraphy. Another reason is even though they having shops in DSF and Chinatown in Singapore based, they are from Hong Kong; their unique calligraphy style was created by their family business. (see


Days with D said...

I met and purchased a Rainbow Calligraphy piece from Master Yip Man Kit (on Peak Mountain/Hong Kong in 1985) for my then 5 year old son. I recently searched to find him so that I could have a piece of art made for my younger son. Too my happy surprise I located him working in Stanley Market in Hong Kong and am anxious for my piece to arrive.

Mr. Yip Man Kit is a legend and I am so proud to have his work and so proud his family has continued his business. Please give him my best wishes from a tourist who he would never remember but who he has made a lasting impression on.

His life story is truly inspiring and I am honored to have met him.

Debra Broderick, Ft Worth, Texas, USA

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