Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Super Cool Day!

That was super cool that I have a chance doing body painting job (I am just a helper) for one of Singapore’s longest airbrush tattoo artists Ivan & Lee Lee (! There are many airbrush tattoo / body painter in Singapore nowadays, I felt really cool helping professional and masters like Ivan and Lee lee! Heehee!I just helping doing the base color, the rest completed by Ivan, the master artist.
That was super cool have a chance taking photo with celebrity Denise Keller! Whoa!I never expect can meet so many friends in this event! Super cool!!!My hip-hop dance instructress Nor Dee Dee! (in YMCA last time)Nur Aslinda! A very popular dancer in Singapore!Belly Dancers!My “Power Pose”! Hia hia hia!With Fire Twirler Sharina Samsi!!I was really enjoy work as a backstage artist in this project because finally I got chance to take pictures with so many friends! Hee hee!Beautiful Contortionists!Stilt walker!Percussionists!


Nicola said...

WOW! what fabulous body art...
I'd need a bit more paint for me ;)
Nic xx

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