Monday, March 9, 2009

Ivan and Lee Lee’s Airbrush Tattoo and Body Painting

Although I had met Airbrush Tattoo artists during the event like Warren, Ken, Gabriel, Lezard, Sheela, Zai, Rae Muthu and etc, Ivan and Lee Lee were the most often airbrush tattoo artist whom I met in the events recent years while I in-charge doing Silhouette Cutting or Caricature drawing.

I felt great that Ivan and Lee Lee given me a chance to work with them in their latest Body painting project! I felt that they are really kind and caring persons; they always taking care of the models and the helpers and carefully follow the instruction and requirement of the clients.Body painting, doesn’t mean you had an air compressor, air gun and the painting inks then you can do; besides that, you need to do a lots of research, having good knowledge in body painting inks, sense of arts, you techniques in handling the indicated designs, the necessary accessories like the props that needed to wear by the models many things you need to put under considerations, lots preparations to be done!

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