Monday, March 9, 2009

Caricature Shrink Art Keychain

Caricature on shrink art is an unique item that the event supplier engage us to do the drawing the guests in a special piece of plastic and then the helper will put this piece of drawn plastic in a toaster to have a quick toast; with the heat of the toaster, the art piece will be shrink down about 70% and became very hard, yet the helper will bind it with a keychain, and it became a very personal keychain for the guest.
These items had been runs in the market few years ago, quite number of event companies and clients asking for their event.For my case, I only engaged by the event supplier to do the caricature, I did not supplied any drawing material and equipment, because since it is an unique item, which the special plastic is exclusively imported from overseas, we are hardly get it from the market down here, if you can find it, it was in an expensive price.

To do this item, you need 1 caricaturist and 1 helper to toast the art piece and bind it in with the keychain, hence two man power was required.


蓝色雨 said...

Seems fun.. haha

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