Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jitterbugs 5th Birthday Bash at Millennium Walk

Just went Millennium Walk to support my friends’ dance performance in “Jitterbugs 5th Birthday Bash” after my caricature job.I would like to say, their dance movement was really sharp and great! I was so exited and wish I can join them. Thought must reduce my high cholesterol food first! Haahaa!Belly dance Master Belinda was in the event as well!Jitterbugs Dance Studio having many kinds of dance lessons! Sexy pole dance performance!!! Heehee!That was really amazing that in this event, Jitterbugs present a unique story based pole dance that a little young dancer dance with an adult dancer, I felt that this dance performance really artistic and felt like a contemporary dance or ballet dancing; you will be fill the same if you was in this event as well. I give 100 marks for it!!! Hee hee!Hip-hop or funks!And more like salsa, ballroom dance and etc.

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