Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wire Crafts in Events

Just found this old wire crafts in my cupboard, it reminded me 3 to 4years back that my first time doing wire crafts with William Lee ( in dinner and dance for pre-event. I remember William had prepared the materials and I am assisting him to do some simple wire twisting. Due to the wrong wire we bought, which it those extra thick and hard type, both of us were exhausted after the show. I told myself this is my last time doing wire crafts and won’t do it anymore in future, haahaa!Wire crafts are not a popular item in 4 years ago in the event compare with caricature or other fringe arts. With the effort of William Lee’s promotion, it became a popular item nowadays. I would say William Lee is a ‘New Generation Hero of Wire Craft Art” in the events circle!
Due to the markets demand, more wire crafts artists for the event’s fringe art activities were required, Ivan and Lee Lee ( another Wire Crafts artists I met very often in the events. I would say they are very creative because their wire crafts are having neon and luminous effect! very nice and unique! Thought is very suitable in dim light events especially like Pubs and etc.

2 more quality wire crafts artists I met often are Jonie Tan and Madam Tang. Jonie Tan and Madam Tang was doing wire crafts art for sell in bazaar many years ago.

Madam Tang's artworks.(
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