Saturday, March 21, 2009

China Chinese’s Rainbow Calligraphy

Taking about Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy, I would say Yip’s Rainbow Calligraphy is the first Chinese Rainbow Calligrapher in Singapore if I am no wrong, basically, there are no Singaporean Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy in Singapore up to today, if you can find it, I believe there are new migrant especially from China.

The different of the Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy with Yips’ Rainbow Calligraphy was China Chinese’s Rainbow Calligraphy was always written in bigger size about at least 1 feet by ½ feet or bigger.I would like to say, in Singapore’s Chinatown, if Dorby Yip and Angela’s Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy represent Hong Kong style's Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy, then Ren Yin Yin will be represent China style's Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy in Chinatown.

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