Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scene at NTUC Super Market at Ang Mo Kio Hub

6 more days later will be Chinese New Year (27th Jan id Chinese New Year Eve), many people was rushing to buy their stuffs for Chinese New Year Celebrations, hence many supermarket was crowded with people.

I went NTUC Super Market at Ang Mo Kio Hub, this is one of the biggest NTUC Super Market in Singapore.That was so crowded almost every since last weekend. Nothing wrong with the crowded place, just do not like the attitude of many shoppers which believe they are the king or queen which have the priority park their trolley anyway, they believed they have the full priority to walk all the way; they no need to give way to anyone, but everyone must give way to them to walk.I force to walk to this ‘road’ which is madly ‘traffic jam’ to reach the rack that having the goods I wanted to buy. I have to wait the auntie couple in front me to move further then I can move a bit. Suddenly I felt my butt hit lightly by a trolley behind me, that was an auntie doing that, she wanted me to move ahead, what a rude way! I did not get angry, I just seen one of such Singaporean who acts in such a style, just like the scene commonly happened in the MRT.I grab the last pack of gingers! It sold out everyday before evening!Chinese New Year Cake! Which similar to Christmas’ log cake.


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