Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fortune Telling at The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

Did fortune telling for a company event at The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore yesterday. That was great to meet many nice guests. If I say caricature and silhouette cutting need a lot of observation on people’s face and use a lot of hand muscle energy to draw, then fortune telling for palm reading or face read might be need a lot of energy from you mind other than observe people’s palm closely. You may suffer for sour throat if there were a long hour’s booking.Ah1 This is one type of the 'Lucky Tree' found in one the decorations of the hotel! (Just similarity to western's Christmas Tree)I would say, palm reading and face reading for event fringe entertainment is belonging to knowledge base service, I do it in a serious way but try to keep it in a relax way with some entertaining ingredients. We usually point out the guests stro9ng point and weak points.

Usually all the fortune teller would not tell the bad thing about the guests, just mainly doing the character telling, because we would not spoil the happy guests’ whose just come to enjoy their party.

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