Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chinatown Scene

Passing by Chinatown today and found one of my friend doing caricature and portrait drawing there, his pastel always the best, I always like his drawing strokes because it was very nice and skillful! I always wanted to draw beautiful girl buy today his is the king! So he is in-charge drawing beautiful girls today. Haahaa! He was having good business, see the queue was told everything.Was planed open a shop with him after Chinese New Year, that was just nice and the location had been more or less confirmed.According my friend who doing business at Chinatown, the crowd was slow thought because the economy was not so goodFound Ivan and Lee Lee ‘ Airbrush tattoo and wire craft in Chinatown! (see: Angela Yip and her husband Dorby Yip the best Rainbow Calligraphy artistes of Singapore in Chinatown! Their rainbow calligraphy was the best so far I came across, many artist from China was trying their best to copy their style!
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