Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese Paper Cutting Preparations

I was ‘so free’ during the whole week due to no booking for event. You sure I am so free? You are wrong! As an entertainer, a professional artist and entertainer which not fake artist who just passing time during the working hour.

One of the thousand ‘must do’ things was some Chinese paper cutting demo booking, so that was lots ‘behind stage job’ to be done before the actual day. That was a lots for paper for me to design, prepare and pre-cut! Ouchi!Guess what I think now? I was thinking I just sit back and relax and the $$$ will come automatically! Heehee!

Let me have a extra big size and high cholesterol pork chop to release my high pressure! Hia hia hia! It was 15cm x 10cm and the thickness was 4cm which I bought from NTUC supermarket and cook by myself! Hia hia hia!

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