Friday, January 2, 2009

Chinese New Year Events Preparation

Chinese New Year is coming in a extra early this year, the eve of Chinese New Year fall on 25th Jan and 26th Jan Monday is the first day of Chinese New Year, there left 23 days from the time I post this blogging.

Just like Chinese theme artists, I need to prepare lots of pre made stuffs, because the Chinese Paper Cutting involved some designs other than the traditional basic patterns. Usually the most popular cutting will be the zodiac based on the New Year; like the coming New Year was year of Ox (己丑年); other than that, the rest of the cutting was mostly about wealth and lucks.My face reading and palm reading display stuffs.My Power Suit! I will become “Power Ranger” while I wear it!! Hia hia hia!Time flies as arrow, so I have to work harder in 2009, haahaa!


Deanna said...

I am also preparing for Chinese New Year. It's a lot of work this year. I'm making red envelopes and lots of food for my College party. Best of luck to you! Your paper cuts are beautiful.

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