Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chinese Mask Changing Magic

Passing by Ang Mo Kio Hub, from the promotion poster just realized that Alex Tan ( )was doing Chinese Mask Changing Magic 变脸 in Ang Mo Kio Hub shopping Mall at 10th, 11th, 17th, 23th January at 5.00pm. Alex Tan is a very experience artist and magician in our trait for many years.变脸 (Chinese Mask Changing Magic), which is an unique opera art in China, traditionally that is a secret that not allow to teach any foreigner or any female as their rules, if you red the new about the famous Hong Kong actor/singer Andy Lau’s incident which had been reject to be a student of a Chinese Mask Changing Magic Master few years ago, that you will know how strict the rules they are.

Anyway, maybe due to the changing of the rule of China and related organization, Alex Tan was one of the Singaporean Artist who learnt this China’s unique skill; another Singaporean who learnt this skill as well is magician Terrence Sylvester (Chinese), other then that, that will be Choi brothers which is the longers Chinese Mask Changing Magic performers in Singapore.

There are another female Chinese Mask Changing Magic artist in Singapore which from China within my knowledge.

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