Sunday, January 18, 2009

Madam Tang’s Chinese Knotting Demo

Passing by North Point Shopping Mall near Yishun MRT, found Madam Tang doing her Chinese Knotting making Demonstration down there with the Chinese New Year Promotion activities.I know Madam Tang through events, thought about 10 years or even longer, she’s an art and craft teacher as well.Madam Tang, a local Singaporean was very talented because she can do so many different kinds of art and crafts like Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese Dough Figurine, Wire Crafts, Chinese Calligraphy and etc. (See
She passed me a photo about her Origami demonstrations for an event at Japan last year while I met her yesterday. Yup, she did travel to other country to present her art.Just grab one ‘give away sample’ in the event from her.
I would say, after 18 years in this trait, I had known many kinds of artistes and peoples, that was one of the interesting stuffs I found in my life. Heehee!


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