Saturday, January 31, 2009

My PC Was Totally Down

Thought That was time to replace my old Pc. It was totally down, I found that my hard disk was down, the motherboard down, the Dvd-Rw down, even if my keyboard down as well!
I force to buy a new one! After many places price checking, finally found one the really suit my needs! But it was really $$$$$! Anyway, this time I choose don’t use the D.I.Y. Pc and bought an Acer; it was good and saving lots of my time to install everything!I was facing incompatible software’s problems! Hence I force to buy some new versions of software I am using regularly! Ouchi! $$$$ spending again!

These were my dished of the day. Hm…seems I only able to cook limited dished! Haahaa! Must arrange more time to go through my cook books that I seldom read them! Haahaa!

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