Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chinese Magic Mask with Fire Blowing!

That was interesting I can across an event that with Chinese Magic Mask with Fire Blowing!I can see many Chinese Magic Mask changing performance but this is my first time seeing the Chinese Magic Mask master doing Fire Blowing in the event. I like their ‘gong fu’ posing style, especially the female master’s posing was really different and nice.Met Ravi in the event, he was really talented, can sing very well in Malay songs and many Mandarin, Hokien song s as well! He had sang ‘Ai Pia Jiu Hui Yeah’ today! (Chinese Hokien song)This Senior guest in his age 93 had sang a nice Malay song in this event! Whao!Snake Charmer Sabum Miya! Sabu Miya was 20 year in the event industry,one of the most popular Snake Charmer in Singapore.This is not food, this is Sabu's snake! ( I know I always like eat snake (try to be lazy and not working hard) but in this photo is real snake! Heehee!)This is my favourite 'Mee Siam' breakfast!and my favourite Asahi sets!!!!! Ngiak ngiak ngiak!

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