Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Queen Street Prawn Noodles

Passing by Fu Lu Shou building and have my lunch at the hawker center next to the building. I heard this hawker center just re-opened upon the completion of the renovation last month if I am not wrong.

I decided to take the pork rib + pig tail noodles, which is because seeing long queue at this stall.One of the unique ‘culture’ that happened in Singapore that was once you saw a long queue on the food stall or restaurant, it represent the food more or less must be very delicious or at least very popular!

I queued at this stall named minimum S$5 per bowl of pork rib + pig tail noodles at “Queen Street Prawn Noodles” which I believed their old location was at Queen Street.

Yes! I made a right choice today! The noodles, the soups , the pork rib and the pigtail was realy nice! Yummy!It had made my day ;p

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