Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bad Food Day

I not so lucky like other blogger that always having chances to eat good and nice food, I had many chances bought the bad food if I do not really pay attention while the time i order it.
Just like this morning, went AMK HUB food court bought this 'Gong Bao' chicken rice in mini wok based on the photo displayed on their stall,We all understood most of the time the real food being delivered was not match with the photo being displayed, because this is the realistic world, the purpose of the related food photo is just helping customer roughly got an idea what the food will looks like.
Anyway, now I realised even just a simple food I ordered, I must "check carefully before I left the counter", because while I seated on the dining area and turn over this fried egg, the egg yolk was gone! Ouchi! They cheated me an egg yolk! Haahaahaa!Unfortunatelty, this dish I ordered tasted bad! Maybe the cook had not in the mood yet in this morning.
I thought going Mac Donald eat the 'Teriyaki' Burger, unfortunately, the staff told me "We only serve lunch from 11a.m."
Ops! My watch is 10.39a.m. now! Ouchiiiiii!

Walk a bit distance and finally ordered this 'Wan Ton' noodle at the hawker centre. The 'char Siew'(the meat dyed in red color in this photo) was super sweet! just like cooked by heave syrup, did not match with the salted noodle at all!

Ouchiiiii! My bad food day ;(

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