Friday, December 18, 2009

Death Cause Hit by Bicycle Cyclist

I did not surprised that reading today's Chinese newspaper 'ZaoBao' about someone die by the hitting of bicycle cyclist.According the report, the cyclist was riding his bicycle in about 20-25km per hr speed, his the pedestrian caused him flied our 4 meter's distance, yet the victim die after 5 hours later in hospital.

I did not hate bicycle cyclist, but recent years, the way they ride their bicycle really in a rude way like ride in high speed on the pedestrian walk way and expect all of us automatic give way to them.

I hardly understand why the related authority keep loosing the rule for more bicycle cyclist ride on the pedestrian walk way.

Personnaly, I super hate those who suddenly passing by from behind us in very high speed, and especially those who suddenly giving us a shock ring while they really ride extremely close right behind us.

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