Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trip In Batu Pahat, Johore, Malaysia

Just went Batu Pahat, Malaysia meet a friend for some Feng Shui stuffs.Thought I had been almost 20 years not been this place today. I can’t tell any different due to I been here for not more than 4 hours. Seems there were few shopping malls had been built.According th e taxi driver, this is the crowded place in Batu Pahat.There are caricature stall at BP Mall. Seems there went for their rest or lunch.My lunch at BP Mall.

Eat this self help dinner at the restaurant of Larkin bus interchange, just right in font of bus stand of Singapore bus 170. That was one of the WORST EXPERIENCE I came across in restaurant!

Why? Thought the Indian boss do not know how to run their business or they really having sort of big management problem!

1. Because they worker, including the ‘boss look alike’ Indian guy keep asking me whether I had pay for the dish even though at the first second I sat down and one of the worker immediately asked me to pay RM 10.60 (inclusive the ‘The Halia’ I order)

2. Before I start to have my first bite, they were 4 more workers came to ask and check whether I had paid for my dish!!!

May be my face looks like super bad guy?

Nope! Because seems all of their restaurant workers was keep repeating asking all their customers who eating whether had been pay for their dish !!!

Don’t believe? Try yourself! …it is at the restaurant at Larkin Bus Interchange, Johor, Malaysia, in front the bus stand of Singapore Bus 170.

The boss of this restaurant really ‘BOLEH’!

3. Food rating? Opp! (you get what I meant)

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