Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ruoshi Ye's Work!

After went Fu Lu Shou Shopping Mall bought some fengshui stuffs for my house ane took a walk in Bugis Street's illuma Shopping mall, I really 'came across' Nayang Acedamy Fine Art Lecturer and also International Accredited Caricaturists Mr Kamal Dollah's wife-- Ruoshi Ye's work displayed in one of the display area!Finally I got a chance see the real artworks of Ruoshi, I like the strong color and the character, the drawing style and the composition! Thought both of them are really talented!

Just mentioned Mr Kamal Dollah 's invention last week and now I saw his wife Ruoshi Ye's work! The world really small! Heehee!

Do you think I am so fake? Don't believe then you go to illuma shopping mall take a look la! A real professional should always appreciate other artist's works, I am a professional, so do you! Heehee!

Very famous Singapore artists Kamal Dollah and his wife Ruoshi Ye was in Singapore's TV/ newspaper/ magazine media very often and they are the most enthusiastic Singapore born artists, they really producing high class and quality works!

If you wanted to know what kind of artwork I am doing, I tell you, this in my 'artwork' that I really enjoying! Hiak hiak!
Just quickly took a quick blur pix, not sure this is Mr Kamal Dollah's work or not.

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