Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Very Nice day!

Yeah! Finally I bought a ticket and watched latest movie “Avatar” after few times met the full house ticket sold out within this few days.

I love this movie after watched it, it is fantastic combination hi-tech cum top level of 3D computer graphic effects and the real person’s act. The computer effect is so real and the angle of every scene was so perfect!

The great thing was, it really have 3D version in the cinema, thought if I got time I will go for the 3D version!

You definitely can’t miss this super great movie which produced by James Cameron!

The story line of Avatar was very interesting as well, which I can became the Na'vi race, so I can go every where in the planet of Pandora and I wanted live in the floating mountain. And I also got chance to see the beautiful lady Neytiri act by Zoe Saldana! Heehee!

Due to the great detail of the 3D effect and the movie props, I think this movie should be watched cinema or those who having super large size tv or good projector with good sound system sets, else you would not really feel the great artwork of it.

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