Monday, February 23, 2009

Safety Staircase

Went Chinatown bought a feng shui ‘gold money’ for my house. According the book, you should put and metal stuffs at the north of your house/ office so you can avoid any undesirable bad luck in 2009.Just took a walk in a place behind the shop houses and found some interesting stuffs to be framed in my photography artworks.I was so lucky that having this cute cat pose for me!Modern safety staircase!


Santa said...

Interesting! I'll come back to read more of your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. It is not often that I get people like you visit my blog. Do come visit more often.

- Oli - said...

Thank you Welles for your comment in my blog! Jajaja you make very funny and great caricatures!!! Very nice blog! Best wishes,

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