Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Roving Caricaturist

Seems most of my caricature booking was in a roving style which holding my drawing board to the guests and draw them. I am not sure whether roving caricature drawing had been became a trend or not.Basically, roving artists were commonly requested by the event organizers; hence, as a professional entertainer, we must be able to do roving anytime upon request or based the circumstances.

The good things about doing roving, we felt more freedom to do our job and mostly emphasizes on our showmanship which need to know how we present our drawing in the events, how to create an entertaining atmosphere to the event etc.

The difficult of doing roving caricature was the guest being drawing could be moving too often, some other guests just do not care what is happening and just cross between you and your guest being drawn especially in an event with crowded guests and waiter/waitress, other than crossing by between you and the person being drawing that could be someone accidentally push your body or your hands and caused the drawing in an unexpected outcome.

Hence doing roving caricature, other then try your best to do a looks alike drawing and merge it in your drawing styles, you need to just like Jackie Chan or Jet Li in their kung fu movie which need to handle many distractions like after somebody walk across between you and your guests being drawn, you still need to take care not accidentally push by someone, not accidentally pushing someone or blocking the entrance or blocking people’s view on the projector screen etc etc. one more thing: the narrow of the working space like in a restaurant, the more difficult for us to work; you really need another level of skills to handle all this.

In children parties, if you are lucky, you can meet a lots of young guests that able to sit stills and let you them, else they could be running around and very impatient to be drawn, this could be a tough job. Haahaa!

Drawing in a very dim light places? In a dim light, you need to have a strong drawing basic skill and experiences, because the detail of the face of the guest was less due to dim lighting. I don’t think you bring a mini torch can solve the problem, it need some skills I had been mentioned just now.Drawing with roving in a very dim light places especially like a pub that having many blinking lighting effect? It is another type of tough job, much more skills and experiences and energy to be required! Heehee!

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