Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fortune Telling at Event

Fortune telling for event is one of my favorite items. It need my portrait drawing skill and silhouette cutting skill in faces observation and related metaphysics knowledge I had learn in the pass. The requirement for an fortune teller in entertaining service was always only talk the good things and not the bad thing, because we do not like to affect the guess’ happy mood who mainly come to the event to enjoy everything.

As a fortune teller who work in an entertainer role, I usually add in some entertaining ingredient and yet emphasizing on character telling especially the strong point and weak point of the guess and give a little advice for them about how to improve their weak point or any blind point they might be unable to see themselves.

As a fortune teller, I prefer to see myself as a healer that tries my best to help people during then reading session. I always try my best to improve myself, because you have to be firm enough by having great knowledge to support your points, moreover sometimes you might be meeting highly intelligent and top level guess light some kind of CEO, chair persons of big companies etc.

Fortune telling / Metaphysics is a very unique science that giving me unlimited funs; it was a tough but interesting science to me. Metaphysics need lots of reading, courses and practical experiences, that is only part one, the part 2 is you need a lots of common senses and the understanding of many kinds of living and personal experience from almost all kind of area.

Photo taken at Singapore Cricket Club’s Chinese New Year event.Supreme Court, photo taken from Singapore Crickets Club. SwissotelSuntec City, Marina Mandarin Hotel and etc...the area of Formula One Car reace 2008 SIngapore.This big field in the above photos is called ‘Padang’ which is meaning the field in Malay language! Haahaa!Before I went to my working place ‘Padang’, I ate my early dinner at Bugis Junction food court, the ‘Nasi Padang’! Haaha! A bit expensive while I saw the charging, but I found the taste was really nice, hence I found that the charging is worth.

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