Thursday, February 12, 2009

Caricature at Meritus Mandarin Hotel Singapore

Did an event yesterday, great to meet Ivan and Lee Lee doing airbrush tattoo( wire crafts!!!Look at Ivan’s tools! You should not doubt his skill! Hia hia hia!The building of the new add-on shopping mall on Meritus Mandarin Hotel Singapore is on the move.
Due to the economy crisis, Orchard’s crowd was much lesser, only saw some busking artists down the street.Partial of the new look of Paragon after renovation.O! This is one new thing that belong the 'Make over of Orchard Road Project', nice artistic glass! Not sure whether they will add onj some more stuffe on that, because I see this glass was very fragile.This ‘mini column’ starting from the pedestrian walk from Border bookshop to Forum Shopping Mall was seen since last year’s November until today, I still can’t figure out what is that and what stuff they are going to put on in these ‘Make Over project’


The Fab Miss B said...

Love those columns! I think they use some kind of plastic that adheres with static cling. Very cool.

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