Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fake Artist?

As an event artist or entertainer, we know we should be work professionally to ensure our quality and represent. All of us were not born with any special skills or professional; all of us was trained, learnt hard, always practice and work hard plus our passion to present out art during our booking hour.

Anyway, sometime we can finds a minor group of entertainer who having attitude problem, late for the event, fake as a professional and etc.

I not a type who like to insult any people, but recently I did came across a China calligrapher who did not know speak English at all who in the event, was ‘taught’ be a local senior Chinese guest about how to write a correct Chinese word during the event, in front many people!

This Singaporean senior guest claimed that this China artist was written his name in a totally wrong Chinese word as well as the sequences of the calligraphy stokes. He just grab the China artist’s calligraphy pen and show him how to write a correct Chinese word! Seems he had giving this China artist a very hard time!

This incident told us, as an entertainer, as a professional, we must always correct our mistake, always try our best to improve ourselves, no way for us to take anything for granted.
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