Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Foreign Yuppies

Passing by Bugis St Area and saw these foreign Yuppies doing street art for some music performance, whether having busking license or not nobody will care.

Are they from China? Tibet? Nepal? Myamar? Thailand? But obviously they are sure from asian country, haahaa!

From their stylo looks that should be crowded with people, but unfortunately, I have not seen and hear any proper music playing by them after 20minutes wait and see what is happening; even after doing my stuffs in one hour later and passing by this mrt entrance again, still seeing them doing ‘adjusting the tune of the music instrument’ action, never play any proper music or song at all! Oh?

They were some local busking artist who playing music, most of them is blind and some was disabilities, there ware a group of young percussionists playing drums and usually can be found during weekend in orchard Road.

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