Monday, December 15, 2008

May Toh’s Chinese Dough Figurine

When I tidy up my cupboard, found this little piggy dough figurine done by May Toh which is Singaporean who learn from China true dough figurine master many years ago.

This piggy doll which made by flour which was given by May in January 2007 during an event still in very good condition! (see my post in jan 2007)
I strongly recomment her dough figurine for those who looking quality artworks for your coming Chinese New Years events! May Toh’s website at

I would like to highlight this is because during past 2 years, I heard more and more guests (not the event companies or staffs) keep complaining about the bad quality of the flour doll which get mould and spoil fast which done by the current most active event artists from China (the parents and the daughter). Unfortunately I did not see thouse spoilt dough figurine at all, so got no comment about it. I just like to recomment some local Singaporean great artist down here.

Beside May Toh, another Singaporean who also provide quality dough figurine making, can see her works at:
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