Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day the Flyer Stood Still

That was a surprised that the world's biggest wheel which in Singapore was down on last Tuesday night. The 42-storey Singapore Flyer is 165 metres (545 feet) high, 30 metres taller than Britain's London Eye, was expected to be open again next year’s February If I am not wrong as per news.The broke down of the Flyer affected she sales of the shops and restaurants that surrounding the Flyer, I am not sure whether the related events activities also been cancelled or delayed. I wish they will be repair the Flyer and can be open again as soon as possible, so the events will carry on, hence I got chance to be booked for my entertainment services as well! Hee hee!

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Ren said...

Thanks for visiting my site....and your comments.

I like your post on the flyer! Because of that, I had to go to take the little ferris wheel at down town east! Figured that if it stops, it probably won't take that many hours to rescue. :)

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