Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quantity and Quality and Profession

Recently came across few guests mentioned about the quality about the artists they hired for their events; they told me that the event companies arranged a China silhouette cutting artist and one of the China caricaturist in their event was working in an extremely slow, not only that, during the few hours booking hour, did not see them around in their event! The China caricaturist was not on her desk most of the time, the roving silhouette cutting artist which was the old white hair uncle from China was almost ‘disappeared’!

So they want to ensure me and my friends must not do the same thing as these China artists which believe is the China father and the daughter who cheating the working time in their event.

I had tried my best to do the best for them of course, I also believed all the local Singaporean artists sure trying their best to serve their guests during the booking hours.

I had few teachers was came from China, all of them was really someone that I highly respect them because they were really hardworking and nice people, I also having China colleagues, they were working very hard as well!

Thought these China artists who getting complaint recently had spoiling the great representation of artists from China.

As an event artist, we always trying our best to behave ourselves, because there always people from the client side watching our performance, nothing can cheat during our booking hour.

I came across this unknown name young student caricaturist, she was working really hard to serve the guests, and her drawing was quite good as well, because she have the right attitude while she doing the job.

Singapore is a small country, the entertainment circle is small as well, anything you do it wrong will be spread fast from the guests and clients (especially the committee in-charge), not the event companies stuffs or artists themselves.

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