Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lezard Cheung’s Art

That was great to meet Lezard during the event last week. I know Lezard more than 6 years if I am not wrong, and I know he is very good in Henna Painting, glitter tattoo and recently doing airbrush tattoo as well.

I thought I also can do henna painting but my strength was not there, haahaa! Glitter tattoo may be can, but I thing for event that’s was enough for me to do caricature, silhouette cutting and fortune telling for commercial events; especially the fortune telling, it always need to involve in many reading upgrade and research to obtain the best level I can.

Besides that, Lezard had won a champion in singing competitions before, he especially goon in Cantonese song and he also a famous in singing Hong Kong famous Star Anita Mui Songs, so he had been named as ‘Singapore’s Anita Mui’.I seen him doing the ‘Anita Mui’ show once so far, that was very funny and interesting, and he really funny and great in his comedy drag show.

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