Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of Singapore’ Famous Portraiture artist’s Exhibition

Went to one of Singapore’s famous portraiture artist, Mr Siew Hock Meng’s solo exhibition at Hills Street, MICA building, after red the ads in newpaper.His painting was great and I found so many things can be learn from him especially people who draw caricature often like me, many people who like drawing and painting portraiture as well.I found one of his oil painting which something like the living style in Bali Indonesia, was priced at S$150,000, most of the rest of the smaller size of his oil painting mostly priced at $15,000.He is a great portrait master everyone was respected to; thought someday I should officially learn from him about how to draw portrait, haahaa!


Siew Hock Meng ------ 萧学民 ------ said...
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Siew Hock Meng 萧学民 said...

I've read your post and would like to tell you that I'll be holding a free 3 month portrait drawing training starting from July 2009. If you are interested, you can contact Straits Commercial Art Co. for more information. Visit my blog, or google for their number or email.

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