Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getai, an entertainment during Chinese LUnar 7th month

Today, Chinese Lunar month’s last day of 7th month, you still able to see the Getai’ street concert show, not the last day of it nuy is second last day having chance to see it, maybe thet related organisation made it last day’s performance on Sunday, that’s why tomorrow we still got chance to see it.

The programme of the concert other than singer’s performance, it also having some jokes present by the emcee with the singers, this yest we also can see a ‘Chinese Opera Mask Changing’ “变脸” perfomance in some Getai, as long the organiser arranged the budget for it, because it is an expensive item to hire a Mask Changing Artist in an event. There only few Chinese Opera Mask Changing artist in Singapore, most of them are from china.
The attraction of the Getai is usually can see many singers in fancy costume especially the female singers, they apperaence are the main soul of the Getai show. The Getai ever getting ‘Old’ because after many years performance in chinese lunar 7th month, the song always old song, the singers mostly older age etc..May be due to the movie “881” and “12 Lotus” given a new life of the Getai, attracted much more youger group audiences. You also can see more younger singers in the Getai show now.I like ‘宝贝姐妹’(Bao Bei sisters, I just translated it direct, did not know their english team name) because they are sween and sexy! They even have fan to do make up and hleping them during the Getai show!
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