Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Caricature Drawing, Caricaturists In Singapore

Not only me, have lots of the artists in Singapore believed the best full time Caricaturists was Jit of Portrait Workshop. If I say he is the longest caricaturists who open a shop doing caricature, portrait drawing and illustrations in full time, who can be deny that? Maybe Einstein or Eric Ng or Pak Ah Bee (the long hair guy at Clarke Quay last time before this place gets renovated) was doing full timing that longer then him.

Many peoples had copying his drawing style, lots people tried to break his standard; if he not the best, why up to today still lots people keep copying his style? Haahaa! If you do some research, besides the newspapers and related editorial caricaturist, no matter how they claim they are having their own style, end of the day it was looks almost the same.

I didn’t copy Jit style, maybe that’s why I still in the rank at number 999; haahaa! I salut Jit, one of my brother, he is real cool, he do his own drawing and did not simply copy people’s work nor blogging style and so fort.

Thought the illustration and caricature drawing market in Singapore was real small, another thing was the customers who order caricature drawing, cant’ really accept too contemporary drawing style, ‘must be looks alike’ is the golden rules here, unless you are doing it for editorial, that was different matter, that could be the reason why not much caricaturist can break this rules.

Because by end of the day, after taking so much effort to do the drawing, you also need to ensure you can collect the payment, not like some artists get reject and put the drawing in the shop yet owing framing fees from the framing shops.

Art could be very subjective, sometimes you had taken lots effort to draw the guest, yet they could tell you that the drawing totally not looks like them at all, every caricaturists in the world sure experienced it and facing it once in a while, not because I am the only people who face this before (although I am in ‘rank number 999’) haahaa! So I would not like to talk bad about other artists to higher their own image, because it is equally laughing at you self.

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