Saturday, August 30, 2008

An event at Marina Mandarin Hotel

Did a pre-event for NTUC-ARU dinner and dance at Marina Mandarin Hotel, this time I am not in-charge caricature drawing, I in-charge fortune telling item, as a palmist; because the theme is Shanghai Night.I am a professional palmist and face reader, not just because of the theme made me swop from a caricaturist to a palmist. I had studied related metaphysics from different masters and spent lots courses fees..

I like Marina Mandarin Hotel’s building design, and the interior of it as well.

For the pre-event activities, other then my palm reading, there also having chinese calligraphy on chinese fan by My Yung Cheong Thye, one of the famous and professional locqal calligrapher in Singapore, and also having ‘dragon bead candy’, chinese flour doll figurine making demo, airbrush fake tattto and glamour shoots around.

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