Friday, August 1, 2008

Caricature at Marina Mandarin Hotel

I was thinking this evening that I having a caricature pre-event at Meritus Mandarin Hotel at Orchard road, so I want to this hotel for my booking, when I reach the place, I realized that tonight do not have any event in all ballroom! I called the person in-charge to confirm the event venue immediately and realized the actual working place was at Marina Mandarin Hotel!

That was quiet lucky that I rush to my working place in time! As an entertainer, rule number one was you can’t be late, so it you are having next booking which the starting time was too close to your finishing time for your current show, my advice was try not to take the job; because if you are not in time to reach the next working place in time, client could make complaint, yet it will spoil you name!

It was great to meet someone you know in the event! I met the popular airbrush tattoo artist Ivan & Lily in the event! They fetch me home and treat me with tasty food on this day! Heehee! They are very nice persons! See their blog: you will know!
It was great to know friends that humble and low profile type people like them, not arrogant, not ‘sure win’ type, not try to be the famous people in the world, comfortable be a friend with them.

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