Saturday, July 26, 2008

Caricature at Pan Pacific Hotel

Did an event for a children activity at The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore for a seminar’s children activities section. Met nice guests in the event, that was very lucky am I!

Talking about the drawing speed, that will be 20-25 or slightly more drawing per hour (for the above quality for live caricature drawing), I mean 1st hour, 2nd hour and 3rd hour you got to be maintain in the same speed.

Of course that a lot more artists much faster than me and their 1st hours’ drawing quantity might be much more than me, but talking about speed, that will be stamina concerned; to maintain same quantities drawing to be drawn, it could be quiet tiresome actually. Basically, the temperature of the environment also one of the factor affect your speed of drawing.

1 comment:

Alin O. Tutac said...

cool caricatures. congratulations!

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