Friday, July 4, 2008

My Photography Hobby

I just tidy up my cupboard today and rearranged my photo albums. I had thrown away many old photos and old films; it took up too much space of my cupboard.

I love photography and ever thinking about became a photographer, so I had borrow camera to do lot shooting until I afforded to buy a camera. My first camera was SLR camera Nikon401x, and then second one was Nikon601.

Before the digital camera launch to the market, the world was using film to shoot the photos; hence it was a quiet expensive hobby. I had spent lots moneys to do the shootings, sometimes wasted lots film to shoot for experimental purposes. I had tried various ASA standard films from ASA100 to ASA800; that ASA 800 – ASA 6400 was used by professional photographers for special purposes as I know.Due to digital camera launched to the world, the world having a big changes. Those film based camera was seldom using be the public except certain specialist; my Nikon 601 had given to one of my friend and I just bought a Olympus 3.2 mega pixels compact camera 4 years ago.I was planning to buy a new Nikon SLR camera when I have time to do more serious photo shooting in future. I still keep my Nikon SB-22 Flash! Heehee!

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