Friday, July 4, 2008

As a photographer’s experience

I had been asked to relatives and friends to take photos for their wedding, birthdays and various functions included my younger sister’s wedding. Being a photographer, you have to be act smart, always see thing differently and avoid take unrelated or rubbish photos, else you will be wasted your time and film (last time film and film development was very expensive)

Besides the basic camera setting like the aperture (F1, F2, etc) the speed (1/50, 1/500, 1/1000 etc) the film ASA (film speed like ASA 400m for night scene etc.) you need to have the artistic senses like take the photo in a right angle at the right time, who to take, what scene and what background should be included etc.

Nowadays, all SLR cameras provided fully auto mode that was great that less pressure for photographers while doing their job; and no need to worry about not enough film problem, as long as you having more and enough gigabyte memory cards.

The most important to take a photograph was:
- If you were doing for event, your photos must be able to tell the story
- Never take any photos like a person walking on the street yet don’t know what is it (my photography master will scold anyone who taken such photo)

Photography is an art; you must form it nicely with the right composition, right angle, right lighting and right concepts and right time.How good of you photograph depend on what level your artistic knowledge and talent belonging to; because the photographs shown directly how you view the world thru your artistic sense to the audience.

My ‘Guru’ also highlighted: its no because how good of your camera, it’s depend how intelligent and how artistic/talented you are.

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