Saturday, July 5, 2008

Portrait Drawing

Portrait drawing was one of the most difficult job, because it involved lots human factors; sometime not because how good your skill are, it’s depend on how good of the person’s artistic level that being drawn.

After you take so many afford to draw it, the person being drawn might not like it yet they said your drawing totally does not looks like at all; I believes any portrait artists will face this problem at all unless you are an artist that really famous in the world.

Basically, I realized that what you see is what you get, but what you see may not easily draw thru your hand unless you are real genius. I took many years to achieve this level although I still not that good yet.

Tracing is a method to correct your mistake on the scaling during portrait drawing, but that was not encouraging to use this method all the way, because you will steak to this drawing method and you will end up totally cannot draw at all without tracing, in another angle, if you keep doing this way, your are cheating as what my portrait master keep mentioned that: “You are mentality handicap, your are healthy and able to walk and run but wanted to travel with wheel chair, that’s no shame!” That's the words always in my memory.

These are my level in 1991.ANd my level in 1994

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