Sunday, August 31, 2008

National Day Celebration cum Town Day at Hougang

Engaged by an event company for National Day cum Town Day at Hougang Ave 10, that was a big event! Doing open air caricature for event, you must always prepare to handle the public crowd, because public was not belonging any companies, so they could be demand the free drawing event you told them the free caricature service was closed upon your working schedule. Today’s crowd quiet ok for me.I ever came across few times that some people wanted to beat me due to unable to get the free drawing! So after such inccidents, I always tell the crowd in the last 30minutes in advance I will close at what time and within 30minutes I only can draw up to how many persons in then crowd. Maybe such event had been running almost 18 years long as my working experience, lost people had been getting free caricature during those years, mostly are more polite and behave themselves from recent years.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

It´s interesting to see another part of the world and learn about their lives. Very informative site.

Waterrose said...

Your caricature is very nice and it shows your talent.

frederickgam said...

You're an artist? Interesting works (^^) Someday you have to draw a portrait/caricature of me hehehe

Takalame said...

Dear welles,
My english is very poor.Unfortunatly ,!
However, I thank you for your mail, so positive.
Have a nice day.

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