Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Charcoal Drawing

There are some events company requested tom do caricature or portrait using charcoal. Usually I will do it in a bigger piece paper with an easel (drawing stand). I prefer using easel and bigger piece paper because I like the freedom of my hand movement while drawing; that was lots fun but of course, draw in bigger piece and using easel, you can put your hand weight on the paper, your hands will draw without and thing to support your hands and arms, it could be quiet tiresome if not use to it.That was no longer 2 minutes drawing, event it you can do it within 2 minutes, but after few pieces, if you don’t have a strong arm, your speed will be slower and slower, I mean talking about an hour’s booking to draw the guests in the event.Sometime I draw caricature, sometime I draw quick portrait while using charcoal with easel on big paper, depend on how the person being drawn can be inspired me.

So many artists claimed that they doing caricature for event much longer then me event I had been doing it 15yrs ago. I did believe Einstein is the first person who do caricature in event, in Singapore, he is the pioneer.

Eric Ng, one of the pioneer caricaturists who drawn in Orchard Road Midpoint building (if I am not wrong) was using easel and big size paper, Einstein did it as well. Thought nowadays you hardly see them during dinner and dance because they were successes in their own business.

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