Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Doing event with made-up

During many years doing caricature or silhouette cutting for event, I seldom asked to do any special costume or make-up, I am a small fly, some more as guy, as long as looks neat and tidy and clean, will be ok.

If really need special costume, usually provided by the event company and no need to do any make-up.

A friend in 2005 asked me act as Chinese treasure god character in their Chinese new year event, they provide with costume and make-up, which was my first time having make-up in my whole event life.

Ouch! If was painful when the opera master do a treasure god make-up on my face. I don’t like the time he paint the eyeliner on my eyes, it was uncomfortable. Anyway, just take it as an experience lah. Heehee!

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