Monday, November 12, 2007

One of My Good friend Rama Chandran

Rama Chandran, my ex-colleague who works in a bank together, was the person who brings me in to the entertainment line in 1990.

He was a part-time emcee at that time, his ambition was a movie director or run a movie production house or became an actor if I am not wrong.

All I remember was the scene that I watching Chandran doing comedy drama in shopping on the stage, that time Eileen Wee (now became emcee/model/writer and etc) was also acting together with him.

Rama Chandran is one of the famous people in this line during that period.
He was involve in Michael Chiang's hit comedy play, drama version of ARMY DAZE, in 1987.

Of course I involved in this drama as well --------- as an Audient !!! Haahaa!

Rama Chandran taught me lots thing, he is one of my best friend. He continuous runs his production house D’Rama Production after having his movie studies from New York, that’s about at leas more than 10 years ago.

Time fly very fast. Chandran had married and having a nice family.

Hey Chandran, tell you, I still no girl!!! (still single and became uncle liao! Hee hee)

10 years later, you will see me sitting at kopitiam having beer, when I became an ‘old uncle’.

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