Sunday, November 18, 2007

Doing events during year end

Year end is peak period for events like dinner & dance, Xmas promotions etc.
It is a peak period of entertainer as well. Usually, the dinner and dance and family day happened at Friday night and Saturday. The event companies will hire fringe artist to entertain the guest.

During year end peak period, there’s always event companies looking for fringe art artists, jobs is waiting for us, that’s was a good thing for us.

Some people said our income must be very good, that’s not true, because after the peak period, not much job for us, it became artist looking for job to survive.

Due to more and more people joining in this line, the opportunities of getting jobs became less, it became very competitive, and this is good news for event companies, because they got more choices.

Lots artist lower their lower down their price to undercut the job, some event companies try their best to looking for the lowest rate artist as well regardless the artist’s skill level, as well, hence you can see lots ‘fake artist’ (non-skilled people) doing event.

Basically, the guest was not so concern about that due to the fringe art artist was giving free services or free gift e.g. Free caricature, free silhouette cutting (shadow cutting), free henna drawing etc, that’s why the standard of the fringe artist was not important maybe.

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