Sunday, November 11, 2007

some more event caricaturist

Up to today, year 2007, the world had been changing a lot. I found that at least 10 more new caricaturists came in this industry to share this cake, hence the cake for event caricaturists became smaller and smaller.

New batch caricaturists including:

Luo Yong from china, brought in her father Luo Rui Lin doing caricature, maybe she had been arranged her mother doing caricature for event as well by setting the lowest rate in this industry; then followed by Mr Kamal who just completed his master degree in Contemporary Art, and his wife, Roushi Ye, been ranked as ‘Singapore Florist Painting Artist’ and had been interview by TV Channel named ‘Suria’, and someone called Andy ( if I not wrong), followed by few more art students and fine art artists.

That’s good news for event companies that they having more choices, but bad news for caricaturists in this industry due to crowd with competitors.

When the government engaging more foreign talents, especially when the casino is opening, that will be more event caricaturist appeared in Singapore.

Just my personal view, haahaa!

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